Au Revior 2015

31 December 2015

*Goals for 2016* 

To get good grades

I feel that I have put so much effort and attention. At this very moment in time it is one of the most important thing in my life. I can't wait to be holding the scroll and say I made it. But I've still got quite a bit before I get there. Good Luck to me! (I'm going to need it). 

To be happy

This may seen really obvious. But it is not that easy for me to say that I am happy a lot of the time. Because that wouldn't be true.

Give my room more character

I want to give it more of a minimal feel. Which leads me to my next goal... 

To declutter my mind

My brain is filled with so much rubbish and unnecessary information that its taking up space for things I generally need to remember. Important things. I also want to detox regularly and clear my mind and body. 

Take better photographs and learn more about photography

In terms of a professional career in fashion and because I am just curious, I want to know more. (More than the basics because right now it is a foreign language). 

 Travel More  

There is so much to discover and learn and I just want to get out of my little bubble and explore the different possibilities out there

Be organised!!

This has always been my downfall. For some odd reason my brain discards any sort of order and does what it wants but not anymore 

Hope you all have a happy new year xo 

Vivien xo 


  1. You look adorable !
    Anyway, Happy new year 2016 ! I wish you a year full of good luck, health, success, joy and love.

    xoxo from Paris

  2. thanks hun
    hope your 2016 has started off on a good note xo

  3. Love the all white outfit so cute x

  4. Thank you ...lovely blog by the way xo


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