Christmas Proof Party hair

21 December 2015

You may be running around like a headless turkey this Christmas (did you see what I did there),I know I do and before you know it it's time to get ready for the big day. But last minute you remember you hair is a hot mess. Not to worry because that is where I come in! This easy, simple, quick guide will have you looking like a beach wavy goddess in the middle of December. Lets get to it ...

You will need: 

  • A wide tooth comb 
  • A curling iron 
  • Heat protective spray 
  • Holding hair spray 
  • A couple of hairbands 
  • Moisturising hair cream or serum 

1.Use your wide tooth comb to detangle your hair.

2. Take you hair bands and section your hair straight down the middle 

3. Then section again and tie up each section leaving one out. (The section you plan on curling first).

4. Next, Use a light heat spray for your hair. I have chosen the VO5 heat protect spray that I swear by because it is not too heavy but doesn't damage your hair under any heat. 

*Tip* Make sure you spray the tip and roots of your hair, as they are usually forgotten. 

5. Then you will begin curling. I am using the Babyliss curling Iron, which has a clamp for easy application. It create definite curls with not alot of heat. Fab

I do prefer using my Remington Sapphire Pro Wand  

6. Then begin to curl, as we are going for the beach waves look. Don't curl the ends of your hair leave about 1 inch off the bottom. 

7. Begin to curl all the way to the roots and hold for 6-8 seconds 

8. You first curl should look something like this ... 

9. Then continue the steps around your entire head. I tend to leave half and inch off the back of my head. 

10. Cute hair pending .... 

11. When you get to the front sections, take out two smaller sections and curl to get a fuller look. 

12. Rub some hair moisturiser (I've chosen Cantu Shea butter which keep my hair feeling soft and tangle-free)  or serum into your hair when you have finished curling. Then a bit of hairspray for hold.

 As you can tell I love my VO5 products 

There you go. 

You are ready to par-tay 

Vivien x 

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