Dying my hair: Going purple

21 August 2015

I've gone purple. Considering I've never dyed my hair before I think I did pretty well. Hate to use the word 'journey' but it was a journey. A very long winding one in fact. So I'm here to document it all:

Phrase 1 // The Hair

Over the years I have used many different Aliexpress vendors, watched a huge amount of youtube videos (it really does help to do your research before spending your hard earned cash), but I think I've finally found 'the one'. The blessing comes in the form of a Chinese located vendor called "Queen Hair" they have beautiful hair and most importantly at affordable prices. Many vendors promise that long, luxurious hair, but before you purchase definetely do your research! I purchased 18,16,16,14 and 14 inch Sleek Closure. The hair was just stunning.

Phrase 2 // Bleaching

My first mistake was buying colour 1B (a natural black colour - with brown hues). Stripping really dark hair took me a full day and for all my working people out there, you will know that you days off are precious but I was adamant to get the colour right. I used Jerome Rusell's High Lift Powder Bleach which actually did lighten the hair pretty well (it turned out a light blonde but did have a few ginger tones in it). I was impressed with the results.

Phase 3 // Colour it up & Aftercare

By this point I certainly felt more confident about the whole situation. I finally felt like I knew what I was doing. I was done colouring the hair in about an hour. It was a surprisingly quick process. I used Schwarzkoph LIVE Colour XXL in Mystic Violet and Purple Pink for my ends. The colour came out so lively and bright. As for my hair care routine it is really simple
  • Co-wash twice a week - get a empty spray bottle, fill one part conditioner to two part water. Then spray till your entire hair is damp 
  • Wash every 2 weeks 
  • Use extra virgin coconut oil morning and night to stop your hair from drying out

My result: I love the colour its so vibrant and colourful. Perfect.

I have not been sponsored by any of the brands mentioned, everything was bought with my own money.

Products I used: 

Aliexpress Queen Hair 

Sleek Closure 

Jerome Rusell Powder Bleach

Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL // Mystic Violet

Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL // Purple Pink

Vivien x

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