Khaki Kardashian

24 August 2015

You can not deny the Kardashians are everywhere, with the head of the style family being Kim Kardashian, transitioning to motherhood hasn't stopped this women looking fabulous everyday. She loves showing off her curves and so do I. Putting this look together I added a hint of AW15, Khaki (by far) is winning the race of my favourite colour of the season, it's so deep and rich as just so appealing to me. I love the heels, if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I've posted these about a million times but I can't help it and at £14 who can complain? The ribbed dress and lace up heels are bang on trend. Teamed with my new purple hair we are ready to go out on the town. In other words I'm feelin' myself.

Check out my previous blogpost on how I achieved this gorgeous purple/pink colour.

Dress and heels from Primark 

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