28 October 2016

I've been rocking a few boots on my blog recently, so I thought I should give the the low down on all the boots that will get you through the oh-so lovely winter season. 

Whether mesh, knit, velvet the ankle boot reigns supreme every year and this year even more due to the fabric. The great thing about this type of boot is that you can stick a pair of tights on and team it with a cool slip dress. 

I already have several over the knee boots myself. I feel that with the this particular boot you don't need to overdress in order to pull it off. To be honest the best way to wear these boots is with confidence. Strut your stuff!

Shoe boots can go either way, you can go full blown dressy or comfortable everyday wear.  Whether the dressy up cousin or the comfy one of the family. I's basically perfect for every occasion. 

Tip for wearing ankle boots: roll (or cut off) the hem of your jeans to show off your boots. 

Hope you enjoyed my boot low down
Vivien x 


18 October 2016

Time to dust off that camel coat that was hiding in the back of my cupboard. This is one my favourite pieces that I don't think I could ever part from.
I seem to have a bunch of clothes that I will never seem to throw away. Certain pieces are more then just clothes to me they tend to evoke a certain memories or a time that I wore them continuously and for that reasons they will always stay with me. Maybe because most of them have been pre-loved, which seems to make me love them more greatly. Like this camel coat, when I saw it in the charity shop I could already feel myself searching for my purse in my bag to buy it. 


13 October 2016

Dog walking with a difference was the original name for this blogpost. Imagine. This day was a sheer struggle for taking pictures and it was about to rain but we came through. Who would have thought that a puffa jacket would ever be cool again, reminds me of those overly massive jackets that were two sizes too big that my mum used to make me wear. And yes I did steal this puffa jacket from my boyfriend and no he isn't getting it back. 


6 October 2016 London, UK

Being ill has not been fun. It's funny how as I get older I just don't care about what other think about me and what I wear. Some appreciate it others not so much. But it is really comforting feeling to express myself in the way that I choose to. Maybe it's the creative flare that I always knew was inside me rearing it's weird head.

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