13 October 2016

Dog walking with a difference was the original name for this blogpost. Imagine. This day was a sheer struggle for taking pictures and it was about to rain but we came through. Who would have thought that a puffa jacket would ever be cool again, reminds me of those overly massive jackets that were two sizes too big that my mum used to make me wear. And yes I did steal this puffa jacket from my boyfriend and no he isn't getting it back. 

I don't think walking the dog in my best clobber was probably the best idea that I've ever come up with, but I really wanted to take a chance and just feel good for once. I'm so used to going to work in 'comfortable' clothes and then jumping straight into my pyjamas as soon as I get home. I want to be able to wear whatever I want in my own time, so why the fuck not. 

Is it weird that for once I feel 'Insta-ready' I used to always feel weird about people taking my picture (even the notion of asking people to take pictures of me is still slightly weird). After a year of running this blog, I am finally comfortable with the purposefully taking pictures of myself.

Back to my Insta comment, I wanted to try something that I know a Insta-girl could pull off. Thigh-high boots are back with the difference this year: clear, block-heeled, velvet, peep-toe you name it! Makes any outfit sexy without even trying, I teamed them with an easy slip dress (you can pop a long sleeve top underneath it if it gets chilly). Add a puffa and grey hair for that Vivien edge. 

FYI these boots from MISSGUIDED was originally £50, they were giving 20% off for students PLUS with my NUS EXTRA discount. Moral of the story is look out for discounts. 

Items (or similar) listed below: 

Vivien x 

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