18 October 2016

Time to dust off that camel coat that was hiding in the back of my cupboard. This is one my favourite pieces that I don't think I could ever part from.
I seem to have a bunch of clothes that I will never seem to throw away. Certain pieces are more then just clothes to me they tend to evoke a certain memories or a time that I wore them continuously and for that reasons they will always stay with me. Maybe because most of them have been pre-loved, which seems to make me love them more greatly. Like this camel coat, when I saw it in the charity shop I could already feel myself searching for my purse in my bag to buy it. 

Some may say "Viv you can't have fallen in love with everything in your wardrobe, you are actually just a hoarder". Okay...maybe I am. (major eye roll). I'm actually even worse with my graduate collection from my degree; the thought of selling any of those pieces literally makes my heart wobble. 

Lets get to the down low of the outfit. Can I just give a shoutout to Primark, affordable fashion that just SLAYS (FYI I was not sponsored for that LOL). A bit of sparkle to get ready for the winter, but what I like about this dress is that the glitter threads are quite subtle and against the length of the coat is flattering. Anything figure hugging is always a bonus.

Vivien x 

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