6 October 2016 London, UK

Being ill has not been fun. It's funny how as I get older I just don't care about what other think about me and what I wear. Some appreciate it others not so much. But it is really comforting feeling to express myself in the way that I choose to. Maybe it's the creative flare that I always knew was inside me rearing it's weird head.

Wearing what I want has never limited me and I guess this allows me to be confident in how I wear clothes. I've had grey hair before a few months back and I loved it, so why not bring it back. It makes me feel like I am edgy. I tried channeling the same cool vibes of my hair through the whole outfit. What better way to start than lace and denim (duh). This coat makes me feel like I own three holiday homes and a mansion in Beverly Hills (not to mention warm). Denim will always have my back whatever the season and just love that it is fuss-free; and lace to give a delicate touch to this hard edged outfit. 

Vivien x 

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