Hey my name is Vivien. Between you and me I've started a blog about several different times. But every time that I started it just didn't feel right. What is will my purpose be? But low and behold the idea didn't leave me. 

 After finishing a very long three years at university. However rewarding experience was, it left my pockets feeling super light. So here I am to document budget friendly fashion and style. So that you too can look amazing on a budget all year-round. 

To me Single Flux has many different meanings which probably will not make sense outside my mind, but I guess the main explanation is flux standing for how my style is forever changing. Because I'm inspired by everything around me and I always pick up inspiration from family and friends as well. And 'single' being that I spend quite a lot of time alone in my own creative mind.  Hope you enjoy the weirdness.  

*Disclaimer* My reviews on my blog are my own opinion and have not been influenced by anyone. All images are my own unless stated otherwise. If I have been sent a product the post will have this symbol (*) to state so.   Vivien x 

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