University Files: PRE-COLLECTION

18 December 2015


Ive started a new series called: UNIfiles, to show you all my experiences, the sort of work I do as a fashion student and how I am finding my last year in general x 

If I could express how these last few months has tested my patience, allowed me to become frustrated with myself, made me hate everything that these 'creative' hands had created. Then we can talk. I am currently studying a bachelors degree in the artys fartys course of Fashion. It really bothers me when people claim that fashion students just prance around in nice clothes and get invited to fashion shows. Let me just clear this up quickly... we do not. If you understood how much blood, sweat and tears it takes this make these garments. Just like any university course (or work in general) there is a lot of hard work involved. When I began brainstorming for my collection, I figured that i wanted to be the sort of the designer that didn't take everything so damn seriously. I want to make clothes that are fun, playful and carefree.  I ended on the looking at an artist called Zoe Buckman and her collection: every Curve. where she took lyrics from the famous rappers of the 90s - Tupac and Biggie. She then embroidered them on 1950s vintage lingerie pieces. My fabric direction was influenced by the artist Nadine Geopfert how used spongy memory foam and foam to create clothes. I then took the message from Zoe Buckman's work; which I found to be misogynistic, degrading and sometimes quite violent towards women. Running with this whole theme I choose to use female sexual organs as the main focus (because there has always been a certain taboo around female body parts). Further down the line I combined the embroidery aspect and sponge-like materials to anatomical images to female sexual organs. Somehow, (by some sort of mystical power I believe) I finished the garments and he they are. Bring on the final collection, where I will probably need something stronger than coffee but less intense then coke.

Every image with an asterisks underneath is my own  

Vivien x 


  1. I love these pieces! I know it can be hard (I studied fashion too) but it's also the best time ever. Enjoy it and I look forward to seeing more :)
    Ivona from

  2. Aww thank you.. I do find it enjoyable but sometimes stressful as well x


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