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8 January 2016

First post of the year and we are talking perfumes people.
I have only recently got into scents and perfumes. I think it has been a case of getting older and just generally wanting to smell nice when I walk into a room. Not long ago I got Chloé Eau de parfum for my birthday (I was banging on about for ages) and I am truly grateful because it does not disappoint. 
When I spray it I am very careful to not to waste it because I love it that much, there is a definite sense of freshness and with a base notes of sandalwood and hints of white rose, which makes it is perfect for the everyday wear. 

I previously had Daisy Dot by Marc Jacobs so you can tell that I'm a fan of the latest Daisy perfumes. I received Daisy Dream by Marc Jacob, which is part of the Daisy collection. With top notes like blackberry and grapefruit, and base notes of Jasmine (which has to be one of my favourite scents). It is quite a light and floral. I can definitely claim this as a winner.

Hopefully this year my collection grows, there are some perfumes that I have already got my eye on. 

Chloé Eau de Parfum

Daisy Dream Eau de Toilette 

Vivien x 


  1. Your making me want to buy it Viv! Im gonna try it

  2. chloe is my absolute fave :) nice post :)



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