30 January 2017

I have never been one to object to wearing my boyfriend's clothes. I usually wear them when I can't be bothered to search through my own wardrobe for lounging clothes. But taking that incentive to then wear his clothes outside. Is a different ball game all together. 

With the obvious truth that his clothes are very masculine on a little petite girl like myself, can seem a bit overwhelming. However, I found that: 1. I needed extra height (otherwise I would be swallowed up by the length of the shirt), 2. I needed something quite slimming on the bottom half in order to balance the volume of the shirt (which is where the leggings come into play). Overall I don't think it looks half bad. 

Wearing his clothes, got me thinking about the topic. What is even considered to be his/her clothing anymore? In the fashion industry I think the lines are becoming so seamlessly blurred now, that you can not really identify what is what anymore. When I was a fashion student, I thought with such a movement happening I wondered why I was supposed to choose a pathway between: womenswear and menswear. If anything a gender-neutral collection will, in some terms help bridge the disagreements between men and women in our society. What I'm trying to say here is that, clothing and fashion is not just a piece of fabric and nothing else, however the connotation of fashion can stand for much more. 

I actually didn't plan on writing about such an in-depth explanation this subject just seems to play on my mind a lot. ANYWAY... my budget-friendly outfit is I would say relaxed with a hint of cool.

 The greatness that is PRIMARK is where I got my leggings (which were only £3!) are from and my heels which are an oldie but a goodie (only costing me £14), shirt cost me nothing of course and necklace as seen before. 

Thanks for reading honey buns 


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