7 January 2017

I was already to pay triple amount for a lovely black bag, which I needed of the festive period. I told myself just to have a cheeky little look in PRIMARK before I make my final decision and low and behold I bought this cute bag. 

With the price tag of £7 I thought this bag wouldn't even have an inside pocket! Oh how I was wrong. Besides the practicality, I love furry bag I brings a cute feminine touch to any outfit.   

Perfect for a night out or when you don't want to drag around your day bag with everything but the kitchen sink. For a small bag it definitely quite roomy. I would have liked at detachable clasp where you could take off the chain handle and use it as a clutch. But I've got a handle tip for this problem - simply wrap the gold chain around your wrist, so that it drapes like a nice bit of jewellery. This bag will be attending all parties and events with me. 

               Single Flux


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