24 January 2017

 Oh January how you have filled the sky with this grey mistiness but that hasn't stopped me from going outside and strut my stuff. Blue January may be thing, but this month has been one of realisation.

Understanding that at this age of twenty-two, I have found that by pushing myself to do my best, everything is happening all at once. The last time that I felt this under-pressure I was at university. I survived that and I know I work better under pressure, to be honest I'm so used to this sort of environment that anything thing else just seems alien to me. As long I stay organised and keep calm this will be the best year yet. Watch this space. 

New Year. New dress. This dress breathes confidence, sass. Perfect saturday night outfit, but it can also be dressed down with a pair of opaque tights and a long sleeve top inserted inside. With the price tag of £10. Any reader of my blog will know I am partial to wearing a bit of black(a lot really). Luckily, I found this gem in the in the TOPSHOP sale for only £10! 

I bit of pom pom love going on with this outfit, during the Christmas period I found these pom pom earrings from POUNDLAND! 

*Similar dress from the TOPSHOP sale


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