2 January 2017

What a year to reflect on. So much has happened this year and I ended it feeling like an adult (yeah 4 years too late). I had a look back at my end of year post for 2015, where I made a list of goals that I wanted achieve and how crazy is this..I actually completed most of them. 

For someone who never really sticks to new years resolution 2016 was very good to me and considering the first half of it was overtaken my fashion degree. Being able to showcase my collection at Graduate Fashion week was definitely a highlight. I got to travel way more then I ever have before and not to mention graduating and moving out of my family home! To continue the tradition my 2017 goals are at the end of this post.

For New Years I stayed local this year which was actually really convenient considering I had work the next day (I literally was dying). Normally for any sort of celebration I prefer to wear black, but this year I was pretty in pink. I felt like a princess. Seriously, when I was in the club through a sea of people my dress made me stand out! 

Having never shopped at PRETTY LITTLE THING I was highly surprised by the fit, the only thing the dress lacked was a zip (getting it on was a nightmare *rolls eyes). To be honest I wasn't supposed to be in NEW LOOK when I bought these shoes but I made the excuse to it being the Holiday season it was allowed. 

*Goals for 2016
Travel even more
I want togo even further, discover new places and horizon. Last year gave me the thirst to explore more of the planet I live on. 

Learn to drive 
It is becoming essentially tedious that I don't know how to drive. I want to get from A to B without having to ask anyone for a lift or taken the train. 

Get my first job in fashion
Bye the grace of God. Amen 

Put my stamp on the flat 
After moving in, I just want it to look more homily and put my great creative skills to the test. 

Bigger. Better. More frequent. 
Sounds like the beginning of an Xfactor commercial.

Get fit 
I have more time now so really there is no excuse. 

Don't have the January blues. Make this year worthwhile

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