30 December 2016

As a kid I was always have been creative and had every crafty set under the sun and as I got older it transitioned to my love for hand sewing and embroidery. So much so I decided to base most of my school projects on hand sewing and knitting.


Whether done by hand or on the machine, I have always been fond of this craftsmanships. So whenever this craft gets the attention it deserves, I always feel a sense of pride. FYI at university I spent countless days and longer nights sewing embroidery letters. When it was finally finished I was so happy that I could cry. 

This trend was on every catwalk and continues to be one my favourites. For like-minded people who wear black continuously; it is a nice little break up of colours. Even though I've teamed them with a pair of strappy black heels lol. This is quite an overtly simple outfit that I think will be perfect for any dress size. I particularly wore this dress for Christmas, because how else was I going to hide my food baby. This entire outfit was under £20!. Uncle P always sorts me out. (Primark to the rest of you). Just call me your thrifty aunt. 

              Single Flux


Happy New Year

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