24 December 2016

So yes, once again I was not here for a few months. Before Christmas even hit many changes were happening in my personal life. But I feel like every time I change up my blog, it is usually because I am also changing as a person. Whether that be growing up a little more or my inspiration or fashion sense. As I am growing and changing all the time, if feel like my blog (being a big part of me) should change too! I'm back for good I promise.

In the past, I may have mentioned that many people believe that fashion bloggers tend to wear things once for the sake of the picture. B*tch please! If I like something I am going to wear it again, again and again. My blog is built on the principle that a piece of clothing can be styled in various way regardless of its price tag. This is defo the case with my thigh high, you may have seen them before but I am still loving them. Ever since I saw them gleaming back at me on the MISSGUIDED website. They just spoke to me.

I do love a good roll neck, because even though I was born and bred in this country, me and the cold do not get along. This season always brings me back to the same beautifully rich colour burgundy or ox blood red or wine or aubergine whatever ever you want to call it. It is just one of my favourite tones to wear. It is such a alluring dark colour that stands out from all the black that I like to wear. With this roll neck top at £6 and the jeans only a tenner (both from Primark) it's a very Merry Christmas from me. 

*Alternative over the knee boots listed below x 

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