2 February 2017

I thought if was going to do a post on Valentine's Day then I should try to make it sound a bit more romantic with the help from Google Translate. The fourteenth of this month has never really meant to much to me as a little girl or teenager. 

But as a young adult, I still try to not take it all so literally, don't get me wrong marking the day is quite a nice thing. However, I always remember there was one year in secondary school and when I walked through the school gates to find an abundance of girls with teddies, flowers, chocolate and all these cute little things. I wondered why I hadn't received any gifts, but now making a nice meal for my partner, receiving a card, flower or whatever makes me feel so grateful and warm inside. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be the same old bland dress, mix the classic with the quirky. SWITCH IT UP GURL!

Whether or not you celebrate the day... it is always a good excuse to by new clothes. Here are my best picks which will also keep your bank account happy to.

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