UniFiles: Life after University

27 May 2016

UniFiles is not ending because I have finished my degree...it is merely the beginning. 
To be honest with you I'm starting this post in limbo. I'm a really weird part of my life, where I have 'technically' finished but I graduate next month. I super grateful to say that my final collection has been selected for Graduate Fashion Week.

For a hot second I started to become really lazy and laid in bed all day watching Eurovision. Yes, I said Eurovision. However, whenever I get in this sort of rut I like to find motivation videos to remind me why I choose to go into the already overcrowded fashion industry. Then I suddenly remember that...I love fashion!
In the very near future I hope to study fashion at masters level and hopefully get a good job in the fashion industry.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know I have opening an ETSY. Lots more exciting summer pieces will be popping up soon. Watch this space. 

Here are a few of the inspiration videos for working in fashion.

(via British Vogue - Fashion Industry series)
What jobs really are in the fashion industry?

(via ASOS - Making it series) 
Looks at aspiring designers and how they started out.

Follows fashion blogger and design student on completing her final collection 

(via Tar Mar's youtube channel)

Vivien x 

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