UniFiles: Graduate Fashion Week

9 June 2016

When I was told that my collection had been entered into Graduate Fashion Week. I couldn't believe it. I generally thought that someone was playing a really cruel practical joke on me. After a few days of it sinking in, it made me feel ..weird but super excited. When the day finally came for my collection to strut the catwalk I couldn't believe it was happening. 
I like to think this section of my blog is quite career-based, some may find it boring but I hope that it is useful to anyone attending (or thinking) about going to university. 
For someone who thought they were definitely not making it through my final year, it just goes to show that if you put your mind to something anything it possible.  
I have a separate website and Instagram dedicated to all my degree work: 

Here are a few images from my photoshoot:

Photos by Michelle Connop 
Annie Honor 
Lea Bernetic
Elisabeth Terese  

Vivien x 

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