13 May 2016

It's gonna be MAAAAAAYYY 

May the fourth be with you and all that jazz. 

Final hand-ins are complete. Having a very weird year so far lots ups and downs as usual. After completing my third year (bearing in mind I'm still buying certain things for my collection), my final year has cost me something along the lines of an arm and a leg. That being the down side, I REALLY appreciate and dearly love what I have produced in this final year. It is like my own personal creative child that I will be sharing with the world soon. 

So for now I can only merely look at the beautiful products and hope that a mysterious benefactor comes along and feels my accounts with 0000

I just also wanted to mention that LEMONADE is an AM-AZING album. 


Off the shoulder top // ASOS 
You can't swim with us // INTHESTYLE - NOSTALGIA  
Reversible bomber jacket // TOPSHOP
Chill Pill clutch // SKINNYDIP
Platform heels // MISSGUIDED 
Sandal heels // PRIMARK 

I also have an INSTAGRAM for my design work @vivienakwero and a WEBSITE 

Check it out 

Vivien x 


  1. Hey Vivien hope you are well now that finals are over and done with.Am sure your hard work will pay off and all the best with your designs.x


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