23 July 2017

I thought I would post a very honest account of how I feel right now. I may have many of things that I can say that I am proud of in my life, however being able to say that I am not frustrated isn't one of them.

Sunglasses from NEW LOOK

As a young graduate leaving university, I had so many hopes and dreams (and still do!). After seeing my sister's go to university before me, I understood vaguely that it wasn't going to be an easy ride through the three years and the years to come after. 
Where I have achieved many things after living university nearly two years ago (wow how time flies). I feel frustrated with myself, almost as if I'm stuck in a room with no door. Like a can not move. Is this just me?

Block red heels from DUNE LONDON

Increasingly, I have found that I am never happy with the amount of work I do or my productivity for that day. Whilst I lie in bed at night reflecting on the day; I think to myself it is already July, time is constantly running away from me. I don't know if this is an unrealistic or stupid way to approach everyday life. But I believe it's some what healthy to document it.  

Yes, I am very proud of my blog. I didn't mean for the post to be such a downer. Especially with my pictures making me look like I don't have a care in the world! LOL I guess it goes to show that that photo doesn't always give you the full scale of what is being said. Or better yet what is not being said. 

With my recent second blogiversary, it's positive vibes! Also exciting news I am going to start a youtube channel! I thought it was only right that you see my beautiful face. 

Hoop earring from PRIMARK / Playsuit from charity shop

On to little subject of my in this pretty playsuit. I am not one to really wear playsuit, because they take so long to get out of. But all those minor problems feel out the window when I saw this beaut in the window of the charity shop for five pounds. Just call my lady in red. 

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