9 July 2017

'I'm addicted to buying clothes and not rich enough to have this problem' - My life

No one likes to stare at their empty bank account at the end of the month, after a weeks of bad retail decisions. You know I'm your girl when it comes to being the IT girl on a budget. It's time you get that dress that you wanted without paying stupid amounts for it. Don't worry I got your back. 


DIOR via Saks Fifth Avenue £561 / MISSGUIDED £8 

GUCCI £1977 / EBAY £11.96

YSL £645 / ZARA £25.99

The world of fashion has come so far that you once something hits the runway, not long after it will be on the shelves of your high-street.

1. Don't look for exact replica 

Give yourself some leeway when purchasing a dupe because you will be searching for ages if your are looking for something exactly the same. However, most of the dupes out there look a lot like the original. 

2. Shop around 

Don't settle your eyes on the first dupe you see. popular products tend to have at least five or so high-street copies.

3. Don't except 100% quality 

You shouldn't begin searching wanted to find the product for a tenth of the price but made with the same material. That just isn't going to happen; but sometimes you can be surprised how good quality the copy is. 

4. Let others know 

Come on, don't be selfish. If you find a good replica that is made well and good quality. Why don't you let others know? 

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