6 June 2017

Im am not really one for flying, it's not my haven't means of transportation. My journey back reminded me how much I dislike flying. But when it is to go to paradise try and stop me. 

Beach cover bought from the Island 

A few weeks ago, I took a break from life and went to the beautiful island of Lanzarote. By the last night I was ready to get a job in a bar and live there permanently  I wasn't ready to go back. Not at all! There is something about waking up to the every morning to cocktails, sun and palm trees. It was just really lovely to rejuvenate and relax. Utter bliss

Dress & flip flops from PRIMARK

Bikini, FOREVER 21

Full Outfit PRIMARK/ Sunglasses NEW LOOK

Mules, dress & bag PRIMARK/ Denim Jacket EAST END THRIFT SHOP

Fluffy slippers NEW LOOK

Let me tell you packing when you only have hand-luggage may seem daunting. Cramming every bikini, summer dress you have been strategically purchasing(lol what a lie)over the past few months. I have a few handy tips:

1. Plan your outfits ahead
This tends to go without saying. Get a notepad and jot down roughly what you want to wear on holiday. Obviously it depends what part of the world you are going to. Having an idea will make it easier when you are out there. 

2. Be prepared for all types of weather 
Living in the UK its' a no-brainer a British Summer will include rain at some point. Apply this abroad. Yes, it may be stupidly hot but it might be cooler in the evening. So remember to carry a shawl, scarf or beach cover up. 

3. Document it 
Your on holiday. If you want to let people know, pop a picture on social media or maybe you want keep the pictures and videos to look back whilst you are back at home. If you want to get creative why not start a scrap book of your travels. 

4. Share the load 
If you are travelling with someone and they are below the luggage weight. Why not use some of the space. Hey an extra pair of heels wouldn't hurt 

5. Pack efficiently 
My uni days taught me well. Remember rolling your clothes we free up space instead of laying them flat. Also trying to iron clothes that need ironing before rolling. 

FYI The picture of the cat and I was a real struggle to capture. I was petting every stray cat I could possibly find. I don't think he appreciated the love as much. 

Thanks for reading 

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