3 August 2016

Me: I never have any money 
Also me: spends all money on clothes

A few years ago, I just thought I need to stop this madness of buying everything that I see, because without fail I then walk into the same store and low and behold that the same item is 20% cheaper. *major eye roll* 

Seriously £8, Saturday night is sorted! 

Be trendy in a £3 top//MISSGUIDED
Also in white

£1! Cute day top from TOPSHOP

£7.49 for a pair of ripped jean..not bad//H&M

£10 for a cute ass tote bag 
Beautiful minimalistic vibes//PRIMARK

So here are some of the ultimate sale buys out there right now. 
*Tip* It is always good wait till late July for the final markdowns of the summer sales.

Also MISSGUIDED are doing a £5 or less on 100 lines!!
Vivien x 

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