1 August 2016

New look. Same old barmy Viv. If I was to tell you a year ago that I would still have a blog, I would laughed hysterically. This time last year I started a blog because it felt like a no-brainer. I love fashion and I want to show people what my personal style is. A year later I am so grateful for the people that read blog and being able to go back and looking through different times of the year - almost like a visual journal.

Don't get me wrong there were times that I thought there was just too much going one, such as being in my final degree year I thought that I was creating myself too much work! Then, I sort of snapped out of it and  stepped back and remembered why I loved blogging in the first place... I can write and create content that that want!!

Can't wait for years to come showing you my affordable fashion and styled by moi 

Dress// H&M (sale)
Heeled sandals// DUNE

Vivien x 

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