Why Kylie Jenner's braids are not a 'hair trend'

12 March 2016

One day I was scrolling through my Instagram (as you do when you are procrastinating). I happened to stumble across Kylie Jenner's picture of her wearing braids. That wasn't the unusual bit. The unusual bit was when hair blogs, magazines, youtubers began to copy this look and label it a 'hair trend'. This was the point I became frustrated because growing up in an African household my mum would braid my hair in cornrows and for as long as I can remember (or two big fat doo doo plaits). This was a normal thing. 
So why is it that a Kardashian braiding their hair in the same way only now seen as a trend because it is on a Caucasian person? I feel very strongly that this is cultural appropriation. The fact that the exact same hair style can not be treated in the same light on different people is disgraceful in my eyes. Don't get me wrong hair trends are a good thing to allow people to experiment with their style. However, I feel as though this trend has been taken out of context for certain individuals. 

Kylie Jenner's Instagram 

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