29 March 2016

This was the result from using the brushes:

I was recently contacted by So I had a look at the website and I was surprised by how affordable the products were. Eyelashes, brushes etc. The best part is you can get free delivery with every order!

 Eco Tools Retractable Kabuki brush: In Love. This product is definitely great value for money. It is also a multiple-talented product; it can be used to apply blush, bronzer AND powder. The bristles of super soft and glide over the skin smoothly. The handy feature is that you can pop the lid on and take it with you whenever you go.  

Brush Works - Blush Brush: I was in desperate need of a blush brush and I feel that this was a god send. This product is a must-have and creates such great definition to your checks. 

Check out all off the products over on their website


Hope you enjoyed the post
Vivien x 

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