Nike Flex Run

7 September 2015

I've never been a trainer junkie, the styles, the brands were probably more important to me growing up then they are now. I'm not that fussy when it comes to trainers, because at the end of the day, my trainers get battered and beaten up moments from leaving the shoe box. (Quite happy that these ones are still intact). I yes they are running trainers and no I'm not an active runner (unless you count running for the train :/). What drew me to these trainers was the colour! I think if I thought too long about the decision and not having a 'why not?!' attitude at the time. I would have never picked them up. But honestly. I'm in love. I've been dying to show them off everywhere. Oh did I mention that they were on sale and only cost me £20. God Bless the sale is all I can say.Firstly, they are extremely comfortable, seriously it is like I'm wearing socks not trainers. Secondly, I'm not claiming that they go with everything I own in my wardrobe but they sure are a lovely statement trainer. If you are into your fitness, this would look great down at the gym. I also love the ridged sole, it eliminates all restraint when bending your foot and makes wear easy. For anyone looking for an amazing trainer with a colour pop, look no further. Sidenote: Today I'm off to my first blogger event "Blogger's Fashion week. I'm generally nervous and hope I don't fall over in my heels and make a fool of myself. If any other bloggers are going today give me a shout. I would love to meet you all and hope you like me too!Nike Flex Run 2014 (similar)

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