5 Instagram accounts you need in your life!

4 September 2015

So Instagram. Everyone is guilty of posting the one too many selfies. These women below don't even need my promotion because they are doing pretty well by themselves. But seriously not only are the all fucking stunning but they all are major inspiration to my own and style and so forth.
I have not taken or nor do I own any of these images. 

YOUTUBER: @estaregrams
I remember I was searching youtube because I was really getting bored of the people that I was watching and needed a fresh face. Then I found estareLIVE and I've never looked back. She is just stunning and her vlogs are very funny oh and her Instagram is ...flawless.

BLOGGER: @bestyjohnson96
Because her pictures are edgy and she is cool as fuck. I'm obsessed with her style and that hair is gorgeous. Her uniqueness is seen throughout her instagram.

One of the coolest shoes brands in the game. GIRL POWER! If your looking for major inspo on the daily give them the follow. I swear by their account, it's just so cute. I wish I could buy everything they bring out.

BLOGGER @thegreylayers
I only recently started following her. Where has she been all my life. The beauty behind the account is Jeanna Grey. Her style is so individual and clean cut ...I'm in love really. I'm secretly more obsessed with her bunny (maybe its because I am a bunny lover). Who has his own account. He is just adorable. *Cries with happiness*

INSTABABE @lovemyhighstreet
If you love the high street as much as I do you'll love her. She snaps the best highstreet buys, so you don't have to do the hard work. I'm always excited to see what products she's lovin. Oh and she is a Primark lover like me so where can you go wrong.

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