Channeling my inner Lily Allen in 06

19 September 2015

This blog post starts off with an apology, I haven't blogged in a while because I've just started uni again and everything has just been a bit hectic and for that I am truly sorry. But I'm back bitches!!
I love Lily Allen her style is forever changing but in 2006 (I guess this makes it a throw back post) when she wore the dress and trainers combo it blow my little mind. I think this style is well overdue for a comeback. I love the beautiful unbalance of a girly and sporty. This dress is a stunner, if your looking for a pop of colour in your wardrobe or a vibrant alternative. Adidas Superstars are everywhere they deserve the spotlight, they male any outfit look clean and crisp

Dress - Zara 
Trainers - Adidas 
Necklace - Primark

Vivien x

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