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3 February 2016

With this harsh and really dull weather. It can definitely take it on your skin. Nobody wants a dry face. My skin type is dry and sensitive, so you can tell that I dread the winter times. 
Here is my collection of really inexpensive skin care products that I have found to work a treat for me through the colder weather. 

Simple Kind to Skin replenishing Rich Moisturiser - I have been using Simple products for years. I have sensitive skin and I find that this is the only moisturiser that doesn't irritate or cause me to break out. 

Superdrug Dead Sea Mud - Another product that I have been using for a long time. I generally feel the mud mask unclogging my pores, my skin generally feels softer after using it. Even though this product is not for sensitive skin. I feel that it is essentially to my skincare routine because it draws out the dirt that cleaners can not necessarily get to. 

Nivea Daily Essentials Sensitive Cleansing Milk - This is a new addition, I was mainly draw to purchasing it because it was specifically created for people with sensitive skin. When applying it, it is very creamy and sort of like a moisturiser. It is so mild that you can use it around the eye area. 

Wilko Sensitive Skin Facial Wash & Sensitive Skin Toner - After discovering this range a few years ago, it is always stocked up in my bathroom cabinet. The Skin Therapy range from Wilko is inexpensive but still does the trick. I feel that the face wash does work better than the toner. I like the fact that the instantly foams up and is easy to apply. 

Wilko Tea Tree Overnight Calming Blemish Serum - Within the same range they have different products for different skin types. I opted for the tea tree night serum whenever I can feel a breakout coming along. I can definitely feel that I have a clearer complexion the morning after. 

DermaV10 Rescue Oil - I have recently starting using this product after seeing how uneven my skin tone has become. I also have quite a few stretch marks on my body. I little drop can go a long way and I like that you can place a few drops into your bath as an essential oil. Only time will tell if it clears up any dark marks. I'll keep you updated. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - There has been so much hype about micellar cleansing water. So I decided that I should try it out for myself. I have been using this product for over 2 weeks now and I can say that my skin is clearer than when I was using the Wilko range toner. I like that there is no rinsing involved, it is a very effortless part of my skin care routine. I would definetly recommend this product to my fellow sensitive skin face types. Also, I stocked up with a few travel sizes as they were going for £1 in Poundland! 

Vivien x 

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  1. This is a great list! I always have issues with my skin in the winter, so I'll definitely try some of these out!


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