Broke with expensive taste: July Edition

24 July 2015

Hadn't even realised that it is nearly the end of July. Where has all the time gone?? Anyway, I thought I would start a series called 'Broke with expensive taste' telling you all about my favourites each month. Because I wish I could afford a new Prada bag every month but lets be realistic. Student life doesn't doesn't allow me to. Sad times. So lets get to it:

1. ASOSMARKETPLACE mesh undershorts // 2. H&M Playsuit // 3. ROKIT Dungarees // 4. WHISTLES Poloshirt  // 5.  MISSGUIDED ribbed dress // 6. &OTHERSTORIES buckle bag // 7. AMAZON Cactus // 8. RIVERISLAND heels // 9. LULUGUINNESS bag // 10. M&S t-shirt // 11. IKEA candle // 12. ESTY choker // 13. LULUGUINNESS coin purse // 14. LAMODA sunglasses // 15. THEBODYSHOP overnight serum
My wardrobe and life needs to an update. I am obsessed with these mesh undershorts, they give a cool 90s vibe and being a 90s baby that trend will never get old...

 I've been also digging stripes recently (hence the dungarees), adding the minimal theme to my wardrobe seemed really refreshing and clean. Another thing you probably didn't know about me is that I am quite fond of wearing oversized men shirts. I dunno I just find them really comfy and quite good when just want to throw something on. Which explains the mens polo by Whistles, I would team this with the some straight cut jeans or trousers. 
I have included this cross body bag from &other stories,which is so stylish and sleek and also because as my friends would know whenever we got out I would use one of their bags because I just refused to be lodging a bag around all night. Tbh I don't think I really owned any small bags. Don't worry I have since taking the leap and can withstand holding my own because I realised that I'm a fully functioning adult and can fend for myself lol. I guess I have to give a reason for placing a cactus in this edition..right? Well I woke up this morning feeling that my room needed a little greenery. Okay I'm being modest. My plan is to make my room into a mini jungle if you like, at least three or four big plants to give it a little life. I lied maybe six ? I don't know I'm weird. 

Vivien x 


  1. Gorgeous Misguided dress, the colour is lovely!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. Number 8 would be on top of my list! If only the budget was more generous

    Natalia | Lindifique

  3. Great wishlist hun! I love, love, LOVE that you've included a cactus as they're my favourite plant ever :) X


  4. well isn't this the story of my life. I'd love to know what those overalls looked like in person! xx
    I'd love it if you'd come check out my blog as well:)

  5. Love the wishlist ! I'm also broke and now you made me want to buy stuff haha.
    Nice blog and style btw !

    Basic Is The Mood

  6. so many things I am loving in thiss post! Thanks for sharing!



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