9 March 2017

A day where we celebrate women from all around the world and with Mother's Day coming up. I thought it would be nice to share what I have learnt about becoming a woman. Entering womanhood is not just about when your boobs start to show or when you get your first period.

It is less about body parts and more about being able to understand that it is perfectly fine to not always be at your best and acknowledging when you deserve to be recognised and less about body parts. Far are the days of the suburban housewife controlled like a robot, women are more free in mind & spirit then they have ever been before. 

In my tender early-twenties, I must say I have only scratched the first layer of understanding womanhood (I've alot to learn). Appearance has played a big role in my life, I have decided to take the career path based on visuals and how clothing effects women. Not to also mention a fashion blog. I'm beginning to understand that some days you don't have to dress to impress and not always looking your best is ...okay; to understand that beauty has no end image and is solely about the individual. The most beautiful women I know are the strongest, kindest and most determined. They are the reason I push myself to take on so many obstacles in life. 

Denim & glossy are massive for S/S17, it was on every catwalk from mom jeans to glossy reflective trousers. I am someone who lives for jeans, mainly because they have to be the most versatile piece of clothing every made (not to mention most comfortable!) 
I like to think of this outfit as the 'new everyday'. Chick, easy and comfortable. I'm wearing my double denim - both from the EAST END THRIFT SHOP for £1 each! No joke. For metallic my laid-back DUNE loafers make me feel like I'm doing smart casual the right way, which I have teamed with a simple GOLF WANG team (Major throwback to my teen years I still love them though). 
This outfit makes me feel empowered, simply because I have the freedom to wear what I want. 


Thanks for reading honey buns 


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