Metallic Grey

14 September 2016

Weird time of year where half of us are buying boots and the other half are holding out for the sun in our flip flops. When it comes to casuals (in my case), it can very easily slip into dressing too casually making it look like I just woke-up-from-bed-look and nobody wants that. My obsession with grey is something I do not try to hide. But with a new seasons comes new trends. This year everyone is adoring metallics, so to bring the grey tones into this season simply add metallic accents to subtly give a nod to the trend. This look is for the simpler days when you are just running your usual errands but you don't want to look like a borderline hobo!

Top // H&M 
Skirt// H&M
Brogues// Dune 
Silver bag// Thrift shop

Vivien x 

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