University Files: Four Days at Chalayan

6 October 2015

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I know this is not my average post, but who settles for average anyway. I recently undertook an internship Hussein Chalayan, international, renewed fashion designer. In other words a 'big deal' to little old me. Only being there for four days my experience was not at all limited in terms of what was exposed to me. I saw and got to touch (some) of the looks from their Autumn/ Winter show last year. It takes a lot of hard work to run such a vast international fashion label and the stress of fashion week was not really evident.Everyone seemed calm and collected. Endless phone calls and packages were made to the studio everyday. The funny thing is that I only saw Hussein himself twice; there was a change in the air whenever he turned up. I wouldn't even have to see him before realising he was there. We were working on the Spring/Summer 2016 collection which was shown a Paris Fashion Week, inspired by Hussein's travels to Cuba. I was interned to help with the embroidery, my task was to sew individual Swarovski stones onto a large amount of fabric.

I just stared at one of the junior designers in disbelief to what she was asking me to do. Need I say it was back breaking work, as we had to sit on high chairs all day and each stone would take me a good twenty minutes to secured properly. But when it was done and I got to see one of the garments from the collection, it sort of all made sense to take such care and consideration into each garment that you pure your life into before its exposed to the world

It made me appreciate it more. (FYI I helped with embroidery of the first garment). The show itself looked like an experience of excitement,two models(both wearing specially modified coats that peeled away when the girls were drenched in water). Finally seeing the collection in its entirety, was all kinds of stunning and beautiful. My time there may have been short but I learnt a great deal and it taught me the importance of detail. You can always expect something different from Chalayan and they are never short of delivering perfection. 

Vivien x 

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