21 August 2017

Sometimes forgot all the stress that life brings and just shut down and listen to good music. Relax your breathing and close your eyes. 

It's not everyday come here and pour my heart out into a laptop screen. (Even though it's seem necessarily for me).

Maxi skirt - Charity shop

 This outfit made me feel very happy-go-lucky and worry free. And I had a great time dancing around my flat and listening to music. A perfect outfit for a summer day when the sun in your eyes and everything just seems better. That song that you makes you feel good. Blast it. Sing it loud!

Hoop earrings - Primark 

Green hair, sunset yellow and navy blue. With a look that is opposite on the colour spectrum, I fully feel like this outfit is really only acceptable in the summer or a holiday look. But I think it works. I am not one for a lot of colour, but when I do colour, I got all out clearly. I do feel as if I should be a caribbean beach with a cocktail with no problems. *sigh*. 

Silver mules - Primark

Off the shoulder top - local store

To throw some more colour into the mix, yes I wore my favourite mules of the moment. This silver pair has been such a saviour to me this summer. I would like to give a shout out to them. When I don't want to fully commit to wearing 5 inch heels, you were always there for me. My real g. 



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